Amanda Cook

Originally from Jay, Florida, Cook acquired a love of bluegrass from her father who played the banjo throughout her childhood. In 2007, Amanda formed bluegrass group High Cotton with her father and received her first taste of performing, fueling a fire to continue on a professional level.

David Adkins

Dave Adkin’s band plays Adkins’ award-winning originals and chart-topping songs along with country and rock classics that have fans jumping to their feet. Adkins impressive lead vocals along with the top-tier energy of the band makes for a highly entertaining performance.

Blue Mullet

Blue Mullet is a Fairhope-based bluegrass band, steeped in traditional, contemporary, and Gospel bluegrass. 

Fat Man Squeeze

Fat Man Squeeze is an eclectic bluegrass band from L.A.(Lower Alabama). Their style is an “innovative newgrass blend” that fuses flat-picking with rock, rock-a-billy, country, and blues.

Also featuring the Unknown Bluegrass Band